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XBRL Conversion

XBRL stands for Extensible Business Reporting Language that is used globally for communicating Financial and other important data of a business to its stakeholders through internet. XBRL is basically a form of XML and uses XML Syntax, XML Schema and other XML technologies. XBRL software is based on XBRL Tags used to process and analyze Financial Information. XBRL tags are integrated with accounting and financial taxonomies.

XBRL comes with number of advantages for Reporting of financial statement and analyzing such as efficiency, cost savings, accuracy and reliability to all the stakeholders of a Business. XBRL specifications were developed by XBRL International Corporation to introduce a universal language for transmitting financial information.

Companies who require file financials using XBRL format:

  1. All Listed Companies and their subsidiary Companies

  2. Companies having paid up capital of Rs. 5 Crore or above

  3. Companies having turnover of Rs. 100 Crore or above

  4. Companies lying within the scope of categories explained in XBRL Rules, 2011.

  5. Companies required to prepare their financials in accordance with Indian Accounting Standard.

Benefits of using XBRL

Convenient data transmission

As XBRL is in electronic format, it facilitates in transmitting secured financial data worldwide easily.

Comparison efficiency

As XBRL is universal language for transmission of data; financial data of two or more companies can be compared efficiently through XBRL software.


XBRL softwares are built with predefined XML tag which helps in conversion of financial information in xml format with minimum errors.

Diversity oriented

XBRL not only supports financial data for external reporting but also helps in effective processing of internal data like Management Reports, Internal Audit Reports and other Business Reports.

Process of filling the XBRL online

  • 1

    The XBRL instance document is created

    We first receive the documents required to prepare the instance and fill it in the XBRL software to generate the instance

  • 2

    Then the XBRL validation tool is downloaded

    Validation tool is provided by Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the same is updated by them every year based upon the changes in laws and taxation

  • 3

    The instance document is validated which are then pre-scrutinized

    One the Validation tool is downloaded and taxonomies are loaded to the validation tool, we validate the instance and pre-scrutinize the same, if necessary, a pdf is also generated

  • 4

    The instance document is then attached to the XBRL forms

    The prescritinsed xml instance is then attached to the e-form AOC-4 XBRL and filed to the MCA portal to complete the Annual filing of the Company

Documents required for XBRL conversion

  • Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Statement of the Financial Year
  • Director’s Report, Notice of the Financial Year
  • Cash Flow Statement of the Financial Year
  • Schedules related to Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement
  • Notes to Accounts
  • Audit Report and List of Shareholding
  • How ComplyKart Helps in the Entire Process

    Integration of accounting acronyms with XML tags

    Our team of qualified accountants ensures the selection of correct standard names for all account heads.

    Proper documentation for XBRL Tagging

    We understand the importance of documentation in tagging procedure and use same account head for one tag to avoid any type of comparison problem among financial statements of different years.

    Filing of AOC-4 XBRL

    We help you to file Form AOC-4 XBRL with MCA which is required to be filed every year within 30 days of Annual General Meeting.

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