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Condonation of Delay

There are many companies which have been non-compliant with regard to filing of various Forms under the Companies Act, 2013 like Charge, MGT-14, CHG-1 or CHG-8 etc. As per Indian Company Law few Forms are required to be filed within specified time and failure of doing so leads to huge fine and sometimes disqualification of Directors too. Condonation of Delay under is required to be made in Section 460 of Companies Act, 2013. There are Certain Special Resolutions under Section 117 and few other Resolutions passed under Section 179 of company Act, 2013 which needs to be filed with Ministry of Corporate Affairs within 30 days of passing the resolution.


Non-Filing of MGT-14

Public Companies are required to file Form MGT-14 within 30 days after approval Accounts in the Board-Meeting failing of it needs to be condoned with MCA.

Creation/Satisfaction of Charge

Form CHG-1 or CHG-4 required to be filed within 30 days of creation or satisfaction of charge. In case the Company fails to do so, it needs to apply to Regional Director of MCA to condone the delay.

Procedure For Condonation

  • 1

    Filing of Delayed Form

    Company will file the necessary Forms as applicable with additional fees for delay. Once filed, the status of the Form would be shown as Pending for INC-28.

  • 2

    Board Meeting

    Board Meeting is conveyed and pass a Resolution to authorize a professional to file the documents, petition as required with the concerned authority for condonation

  • 3

    Petition Filing with ROC

    Form GNL-1 is required to be filed with concerned Registrar of Company with the attachments like Petition and Copy of the Board Resolution. Filing is followed by payment of fees as applicable.

  • 4

    Hearing with Regional Director

    After filing the above Forms, Regional Director calls for hearing where order for Condonation of delay will be passed with the additional Fees. The fees need to be paid to ROC as Miscellaneous Fee

  • 5

    Filing INC-28

    Once Fees is paid, Form INC-28 is filed with the ROC with the copy of the Order and paid challan. Upon filing of Form INC-28 process of condonation is complete

Documents Required

  • Memorandum of Appearance on stamp paper of Rs 100/
  • Copy of Board Resolution authoring the Professional
  • Affidavit on stamp paper of Rs 100/-
  • Paid challan of Form GNL-1
  • Late Form filed with the ROC
  • Petition on legal paper.
  • How ComplyKart helps in this entire process

    Consulting & strategy

    Our expert team of professional will provide you with the best consultancy in condonation process and make it easier for you.

    Help in Preparation of Documents

    Our expert will prepare the necessary documents along with application based on the information that you have provided

    Filing Documents with Ministry

    Our experts will work on behalf of your Company and file the petition with RD to complete the the condonation process


    We follow up with the department and answer regular queries required by the Authorities and try to resolve it soon with all Legal compliances

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