Employee Resignation Letter

The [Employer]
[Today’s Date]
[Employer Title]
[Company Name]
Sub.: Resignation from the post of [Position]
Dear [Sir/Ma’am],
Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I, [Your Name], Resident of [Your Address], am not in a position to continue as a [Position] of [Company Name] with effect from [Last Date]. So you are requested to please accept my resignation and file the necessary forms and intimation to the concerned authorities.
This has not been not an easy decision to make, and I appreciate your support over the course of my employment at The Company.  I truly value the experience, training, and knowledge I gained over the past years. It has been a pleasure working with you and the team.
Please let me know in case I can help during this transition. I wish you all the best as the company continues to grow.


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