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What is Society Registration??

Society is one of the best forms of NGO. Society is an organized group of people who have come together with mutual consent for a common purpose or activity. Normally, Society is formed for advancement of charitable purpose related to education, religion, sports, art, music, poverty relief, etc. Societies in India are governed by the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The main purpose behind society registration is development of society and not to make money or earn profit. It takes minimum 30-45 days to register a Society.

Minimum seven members are required at the time of registration of a state level Society. The name of the society should not be similar or identical to another registered society. Further, it should not suggest patronage of the central or state government, and should not violate the rules mentioned in the Emblems and Names Act, 1950. The application to form a society must be submitted to the registrar where the registered office of Society is to be situated.

2 Types of Society:

National Level Society: For national level society, 8 people are required from different states. It can perform in whole India.

State Level Society: For State level society, 7 people are required from same state and working jurisdiction is within the state only.

The Memorandum of the Society and the Rules and Regulations of the Society must be finalized and signed by each of the founding members, witnessed by an Oath Commissioner/1st Class Magistrate with their official stamp and complete address. The members of a charitable society are not paid for their services until the society memorandum specially allows such payment for the services provided.

Society is required to have a minim of 7 managing committee members with no upper limit. The Bboard of management is the governing body and they can form policies or guidelines for the society. The society can allow its beneficiaries to form committees among themselves for effective running and smooth functioning. Society is a preferred form of NGO as compared to a Trust for the purpose of CSR.


Separate Legal Entity

A registered society is a separate legal entity. That means it is an independent juristic person and can own or sell property in its name. It can borrow money or enter into a contract in its own name.

Limited Liability

It gives the limited Liability to the members of the society. The members of the Society are not personally liable for any loss/debt/obligations of the Society.


A Society is perpetual. Any change in managing members does not affect the existence and day to day working of society.

Tax Exemptions

A Registered society is eligible to receive 12A Certification from the IT department and avail various tax benefits laid down for all non-profit organizations.


Every society is a Legal entity, separate from its members it is capable of filing suits against any person or member. Similarly, the suits can also be filed against the society.

Registration Procedure

  • 1

    Unique Name Selection

    Select an appropriate and unique name for your society. Make sure that proposed name is not identical to any existing name also it should not suggest the patronage of Government.

  • 2

    Preparation of Memorandum & Bye-Laws

    The memorandum and by laws of Society is also carefully drafted by an expert like Name Clause, Registered Office Clause, Objectives Clause, etc.

  • 3

    Application Filing with Registrar

    The signed Memorandum and Rules and Regulations must be filed with the Registrar of Societies of the respective State along with the prescribed fee.

  • 4

    Registration Certificate

    Subject to the satisfaction of the Registrar of Societies, the application will be approved and the society registered in 30-40 days.

Documents Required

  • 2 passport photos of founding members
  • ID & Address proof of founding members
  • Cover Letter signed by all founding members
  • Memorandum of the Society including a certified copy
  • Rules and Regulations of the Society in duplicate duly signed
  • Resolution for registration of society
  • Declaration by the President/ Secretary of the Society
  • Registered office address proof of the Society
  • NOC from the Landlord
  • How ComplyKart helps in this Entire Process


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