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What do you mean by PSARA Registration?

With the ever-increasing crime and terrorism rate in the nation, the security is needed at an alarming rate. Therefore, we require agencies which can help us to eradicate the issue. Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA),2005 is a regulatory authority which controls and monitors the private Security Agencies in India. Private agencies offering services like private security guards or the training of security guards are mandatorily required to be registered with PSARA. Issuance of PSARA license is a state matter and the rules are different for different states. The License is valid for 5 years and may be further renewed for every 5 years,

Every Private Security Agency registered with PSARA need to commence its operation within 6 months of its registration and need to should enter into an agreement with training Institute for providing training to its Security Guards to impart skills & Training to their security guards. If you run a Security Agency without having valid PSARA license may cause you a fine of upto 25 thousand and imprisonment of upto 1 years or with both.

PASARA license can be obtained by an Indian Company or LLP or must carry a valid registration. The owner of agency must be a person of good character and of good monetary standing. The owner must not be sentenced for any offense. The objective of agency must state that it is involved in the business of security agency. PSARA License is not granted if the agency is found to have connection with organisations banned under any law of India to protect the national security.

Necessary Steps for Private Security Agencies

  1. The Private Security Agencies are required to train their security guards with the necessary skills.

  2. The Private Security Agencies must employ experienced supervisors for supervision of work of security guards appointed by them.

  3. The preference should be given to an ex-Defence personnel having 3 years of experience.

  4. The Private Security Agencies are required to follow the criteria, qualification, and disqualification of a Security Guard expressly provided by PSARA.

  5. PSARA also provides the necessity of eyesight, health condition and uniform of Security Guards to be employed.

ComplyKart is best known company in India providing PSARA Registration as we have already help more than 50 Security Agencies to get their license on time and Hassle-Free.

Advantages of PSARA registration

Legal Requirement

PSARA controls and keeps a keen eye on the functioning of the agencies and is is mandatory for all the security agencies to register with PSARA. If the agency does not get license may get into trouble.

Credibility of Business

The Security Agencies having PSARA license gain edge of confidence over the other agency not having PSARA license

Smooth Functioning

When a Private Security Agency follows the rules made by PSARA, they are self regulated and the function of agency goes on smoothly.

Skilled supervisors

These supervisors are usually preferred from defence background. Their health condition also plays a vital role while getting selected on a supreme authority.

Procedure to be followed

  • 1

    Registration as business

    To obtain PSARA license you must register yourself as a Private Limited company or a LLP or an One Person Company. Once you get the business registration you may apply for PSARA License

  • 2

    MOU with Training Institute

    The Security Agency must enter into MOU with a Training Institute to impart necessary training and skills to the security Guards to be employed by the agency.

  • 3

    Filing Application with PSARA

    We will file the file the application for Registration with the controlling authority of PSARA which is sent for verification.

  • 4

    Police verification

    An application in Form-I is filed for police verification. In case of applicant being Company or LLP or partnership firm, separate Forms are filed for each person.

  • 5

    Registration Certificate

    Upon successful verification by police Department and satisfaction of all criteria, the controlling authority of PSARA may grant PSARA License to the Agency.

Documents required

  • Certificate of Incorporation of company or LLP
  • The MOA and AOA of company / Partnership Deed.
  • KYC Details of the directors
  • Affidavit under PSARA by Directors
  • Address proof of Security Agency
  • Logo for the security agency
  • The armed used or to be used details and the licenses obtained by them
  • Uniform pattern or dress code of security Guards
  • Character and background verification certificate for the employees
  • MOU with the security training Institute
  • Labour Law registration
  • Sample Identity proof of Security Guards
  • How ComplyKart helps in this entire process

    Consulting & Strategy

    We have a selective team of Professionals who are expert in their respective fields. We will provide you the best consulting on PSARA License.

    Client’s growth

    Our services are aimed at achieving growth for clients. We can provide necessary guidance for understanding the Registration process.

    Competence is our strength

    We make every effort to stay updated with the rules and regulations by PSARA Department. This enables us to deal with client’s needs effectively.

    Always there for you

    The assurance of a dedicated workforce including support staff and managers can be a promising factor in the Registration process.

    Post Registration Compliance

    When you get the PSARA License we help you to comply with certain rules to keep your business running.

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