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A Private Limited Company can be wound up due to many reasons which are like poor business results or the disagreement between the owners. Sometime businesses may also be closed when their predefined tenure is ended or the pre-specified project comes to an end. Closing a Company is rather a tedious procedure which is inevitable in cases when it is impossible to find solutions to such issues. Neglecting this process or refusing to close the Company leads to unnecessary expenses. Generally, Private Companies take the Strike off route which is often called Fast Track Exit. Strike off takes a duration of around 2-3 months.

ComplyKart is the most trusted company with a proven track record and customer satisfaction for all financials & compliances. We have the expert professionals and attorneys having years of excellence which makes their work more accurate. All of our services are rendered by a selective team of professionals who are exclusively having expertise in their respective field.

We are a team of professionals having years of excellence in this domain with a proven track record and customer satisfaction. We take complete care of your business and help you in processing all legal procedures required. Please contact us for further information.

Reasons to Closing Private Limited Company

1. When the company fails to commence its business within one year of Registration;

2. When the company does not carry any business for preceding 2 Financial Years and has not taken status of Dormant Company

Procedure of Strike off a Company

  • 1

    Convene Board Meeting

    The first step is to hold and convene a Board Meeting and pass a Resolution for Strike Off and authorise a Director to file necessary Forms with ROC

  • 2

    Extinguishing Liabilities

    After the Board meeting, the company is required to extinguish all the liabilities that the company has since last years.

  • 3

    Convene General Meeting

    After the Company extinguishes all the liabilities, it passes a Special resolution of Shareholders at a General Meeting and file Form MGT-14 in 30 days.

  • 4

    Preparation of Documents

    The documents which are required to be filed with Form STK-2 is prepared like Indemnity Bond, Statement of Accounts and Affidavit by Directors etc.

  • 5

    Approval from Authorities

    There are some business which are regulated by specific regulatory. The approval of such authority is taken.

  • 6

    Application to ROC

    After all the perquisites are compete the last step is to apply to the Registrar of Companies to in Form STK-2 along with necessary attachments.

Documents needed to close a Private Limited Company

  • CTC of Board Resolution and Special Resolution
  • Statement of Account before 30 days of making application
  • Notarised Indemnity Bond by every Directors in Form STK-3
  • Affidavit by Directors in Form STK-4
  • Bank Closure Certificate
  • How ComplyKart Helps in the Entire Process

    Prepare all Financials

    Our certified Accountants will work on the complete Audit work for your Company and complete the compliances of Company.

    Preparation of Documents

    Our Experts will prepare and share the necessary draft documents required for the filing with Registrar of Companies.

    E-Form Filling

    Our expert team will work to fill in all the applications required for the e-filing and apply them as well. All the application forms will be filled with precise data confirmed by you.

    Always there for you

    The assurance of a dedicated workforce including support staff and managers can be a promising factor in the closure process.

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