Patent provisional application is to be made at early stage of invention to secure their invention and transforms your invention into reality. Get Provisional Registration anywhere in India and with Complykart experts online and hassle-free.

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What is meant by patent provisional registration ?

A patent is a legal document which provides the license by the government regarding protecting the legal rights such as a right to ownership etc. Patent are usually granted to an inventor in form of products, methods, software, technical application or even art which have utility or are capable of industrial or domestic application. The patent application can be filed in different ways which includes complete application, Provisional application, Convention application, Patent cooperation treaty-international application and all others which are filed for registration of patent. A provisional patent application may be filed even in a case where the idea of the invention is not completely mature.

The provisional patent is a type of patent that is usually applied at an early stage of the invention to secure their invention. For provisional patent preliminary application is made before filing a usual patent, it explains the invention in a broad manner but not completely. After filing the provisional patent, the patent holder has a time period of 1 year for filing complete specification. Provisional patent application contains basic information regarding the patent.

Advantages of Patent Provisional Registration

Cost effective

Patent provisional application is cost-effective because in provisional application minimal information is given which does not include a lot of costs.

Less Formal Requirements

The formal requirement for provisional application is extremely reduced as compared to complete registration.

Extended protection of 1 year

The tenure of patent is generally 20 years from the date of grant of patent but with the registration of provisional patent it extends a period of 1 year, with the registration of provisional patent total term of patent increased to 21 years.

Legal Protection on Global Scale

It gives the owner, the sole right on his invention at an early stage, so that any other entity is excluded from using it without his permission.

Maintains Confidentiality

With the registration of provisional application commercial benefits of patent is shown and the products confidentiality is maintained before it is published in public.

Procedure for Registration of Provisional Patent

  • 1

    Filing of Application

    Our experts will draft your application for provisional patent and filed with all necessary particulars and submitted to the patent office.

  • 2

    Generation of Application Number

    After the submission of application, the date of submission is recorded and the application number is generated instantly.

  • 3

    Apply for Complete Patent Registration

    When provisional application is filed it is mandatorily required, for complete patent registration within 8-12 months otherwise the provisional application is dismissed.

  • 4

    Labeled with Patent Applied For

    Once the application number is allotted to the applicant, the product can be labeled with “Patent Pending Notice” or “Patent Applied For”.

Documents required for Patent Provisional Registration

  • Application for grant of Patent
  • Detail of Invention
  • Power of Attorney
  • Detail of Drawings
  • Nature of Invention
  • Title of Product
  • Use of different components of products, if any
  • How Complykart helps in this Entire Process


    Our Patent experts will provide you best consultancy on complete Registration procedure.

    Help in preparing Relevant Documents

    We help our clients in preparation of application and necessary documents to be presented to Registrar for Registration.

    Filing of Document with Registrar

    We will fill the Application along with necessary documents required for E-filing within 5-8 days.


    Our experts continuously follow up with the development with the Registrar and ensure speedy registration process.

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