RCMC is mandatory for company engaged in Import Export Business of restricted items and availing benefits under Foreign Trade Policy.

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RCMC Registration

RCMC is acronym of Registration Cum Membership Certificate. Registration Cum Membership Certificates is a certificate given by Export Promotional Councils (EPCs) or Commodity Boards of India. RCMC is a permission to the exporters dealing with the products which are regulated by organizations authorized by the Indian Government. Normally exporters get RCMC registration to avail the benefits extended under Foreign Trade Policy like Duty Drawback, Duty Credit Scrips etc.

Exporter willing to obtain RCMC, are required to deliver their main line of business in application by submitting the Aayat-Niryat Form, which shall be made to Export Promotion Council or Commodity Board relating to that line of business. It is mandatory to obtain this certificate by all the firms and the companies who desire to apply for the IEC and avail the benefits of FTP but those who are exempted under the Export Import Policy they are not required to obtain the Certificate.

Exporters has to furnish the quarterly return/ details of the exports of different products to the competent registering authority, however, the status holder has to also send the quarterly returns to FIEO in the format that is specified by FIEO. Prospective or potential exporters may also file an application to become an associate member of EPC.

An Exporter has an option to obtain RCMC from Export Promotion Council or Federation of Indian Exporters organizations. There are total 26 Export promotion Council and 9 commodities board all over the country, Central Government authorizes these institutions to issue RCMC to an exporter.  Certificates of Registration issued by the Spices Board & Coir Board as an Exporter of spices and coir products are treated as Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) for the purposes of this Policy.

Compliance after RCMC Registration

The License holders are required to submit a quarterly return of their exports of different commodities with the concerned registered authority. In case, the license holder is also registered with FIEO, then quarterly report is also required to be sent to FIEO in the specified format. In case of any change in ownership or constitution of business or address of exporter they will inform to the authority within 1 month of such change.

Competent Authority For RCMC

  1. In case the Export product is not covered under any Export Council or in case of multi-product export, RCMC License can obtain by Exporters from Federation of Indian Exporters Organizations.

  2. If the exporter deals with the forest produce and value added products he can obtain the RCMC Registration from Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council (SHEFEXIL).

  3. If the exporter dealing with the software have to get themselves registered with Electronic and Computer Software EPC (ESC).

  4. If the exporter dealing with the 14 listed services then it has to be register with the services of Export Promotion Council (EPC) whereas other exporter required to register with FIEO.

Benefits of RCMC Registration

Connect Globally

With the registration of RCMC, the exporter will connect globally and become part of worldwide network of importers and exporters and chance to do business not only in India but at rest of world also.

Help in Exportation

Being part of export promotion council will make it easy for members to deal with certain issues regarding exportation.

Enhanced to the other markets

RCMC holders will have the opportunity to interact with other promotional events and be part of various exhibitions.

Benefits of Various Government Incentives

Exporter can avail various benefits provided by Export Promotion Council all certificate holders are also able to avail various incentives and promotion schemes from Government.


Exporters holding RCMC license avail the benefits of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) such as duty drawback, duty credit scrips etc.

Procedure for Registration of RCMC

  • 1

    Application Form

    Our RCMC Experts will file the application Form for the traders in the format prescribed by the department.

  • 2

    Application Filing

    Our Experts will prepare the documents and submit it with the APEDA department for further registration and provide the required details.

  • 3

    Fee Payment

    Fees is paid which is prescribed for the RCMC registration, and application number is received on successful payment and scrutiny of documents.

  • 4

    Follow Up with Department

    Our Experts will keep tracking the application status and follow up the application with Department to ensure quick RCMC Registration.

Documents Required

  • Properly filled and signed RCMC Application Form
  • Self-Certified Copy of IEC Number
  • Self-Certified Copy of PAN
  • Last 3 Year Service Export Data
  • Copy of Board Resolution, List of Power of Attorney
  • GST Registration Certificate, Trust Deed
  • Details of the product specification
  • Bank Statement of the Trader
  • How ComplyKart helps in this Entire Process

    Consulting & Strategy

    We have a selective team of Professionals who are expert in their respective fields. We will provide you the best consulting facility.

    Client’s growth

    Our services are aimed at achieving growth for clients. We can provide necessary guidance for understanding the Registration process.

    Competence is our strength

    We make every effort to stay updated with the rules and regulations by DGFT Department. This enables us to deal with client’s needs effectively.

    Always there for you

    The assurance of a dedicated workforce including support staff and managers can be a promising factor in RCMC Registration process.

    Post Registration Compliance

    We you get the RCMC registration we help you to comply with certain rules to keep your business running.

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