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1. Digital Signature and DIN for Two director
2. Name approval of the Company
3. Drafting of the MOA & AOA of the Company
4. Issuance of Certificate of Incorporation
5. PAN & TAN of Company & Bank A/c Opening
6. Account Maintenance and Payroll Services


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It is the type of company wherein more than 50% of shares are owned and controlled by another overseas company. Well, there are many cases where a parent company owns a foreign subsidiary. Subsidiary Company in India can be incorporated as a Private limited Company in India with upto 100% shares in the name of foreign holding company including the shares of Nominee Shareholder who will be beneficial shareholder of the company.

Companies often want to have subsidiary company as they enjoy the ownership and control over the functions of the company which helps the holding company to restructure them. Further the profit earned by Subsidiary companies also becomes part of profit of holding company. Sometime holding company also tries to incorporate a subsidiary company for separate business segments so that growth of each segment can be easily traced.

The Investment in the Subsidiary Company depends upon the FDI policy of RBI. Most of the sectors in FDI come under automatic route and in those cases there is no prior requirement of RBI approval needed for investment in Indian subsidiary Company.


What are the minimum requirements?

To form a subsidiary company in India you need to have these things at least.

  •  Minimum two Directors.
    As per Companies Act, 2013 there must be at least 2 Directors in a Private Limited company therefore the 1 st concern is to have 2 Directors in the Subsidiary Company

  •  Minimum two Shareholders
    The subsidiary Company must be having two Shareholders holding 100% shareholding of the Company. In Wholly owned Subsidiary Company one nominee Shareholder holds minimum shares but the beneficial holder is the holding Company itself.

  • One Resident Director
    Subsidiary Companies in India must be having a resident Indian Director who will be responsible for any compliance related issues.

  • Digital Signature of at least 1 Subscriber
    To complete the filing there should be available the Digital Signature of at least 1 Director/Subscriber because all the Forms are to be filed online with MCA.

Advantages of Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company:


The operation of a wholly owned subsidiary company can be managed by the resources of the parent company. It will be easy for Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company to maintain its financial status with the base of the parent company and the profit of Subsidiary Company can be easily transferred to the parent Company.


The subsidiary company can get full or partial support from the parent company to run the business. From the parent company, a subsidiary company can get expert knowledge and expert guidance as well in form of Directors and managers.


It can enjoy strategic benefits like excellent marketing, best plans, and policies, and worthy research as well as development. The subsidiary company performs well even in the scenario of risk with the help of parent company support.

Procedure for the Establishment

  • 1

    Obtain Digital Signature

    The first step of incorporation is to obtain Digital Signature for the Subscriber by filing DSC form

  • 2

    Name Approval

    The Promoters of the Subsidiary Company will apply for the name approval with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs through RUN mechanism. The name of Subsidiary Company can be similar to that of holding Company and a NOC is required in the form of Resolution to get the same name.

  • 3

    Preparation of Documents:

    Once name is approved the promoters are required to prepare documents like Memorandum & Article of Association of Company, INC-9 Declaration & DIR-2 Declaration etc. to be submitted with Incorporation Form

  • 4

    Filing of Form SPICe-32

    Form SPICe-32 is prepared and filed with the above mentioned documents as a mandatory attachment to Form. The Form gets approved once it satisfies all the requirement by the ROC within few days.

  • 5

    Certification of incorporation

    Once the Form is approved by ROC, Certificate of Incorporation is issued to the Promoters with PAN and TAN

  • 6

    Subscription money and filing FC-GPR

    Once the COI is received by the Subsidiary Company, it needs to open a Bank Account and receive the subscription money. Once the subscription money is received, the company is required to obtain FIRC from Bank and file FC-GPR with RBI.

Documents required for the formation

  • Address proof of the office and if it is rented then the latest Electricity Bill.
  • NOC from the Owner of the Address
  • Apostille / Notarized copy of NOC for using the name of holding name in form of Resolution
  • Apostille / Notarized copy of Charter of the Foreign Entity
  • Name of the Nominee Shareholder in case of WOS
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