Change in Object of the Company leads to the change in Memorandum of the Company. Get it changes to venture into new areas hassle free.

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What is Change in Object?

Companies offer ownership opportunity to general public by issuance of shares, that’s why interest of a large number of people lies in the company. The legal obligation of the company to involve only in those activities that pursue their interest. From incorporation to day to day activities of the company, laws and regulations control company at every stage of its business to secure the interest of its shareholders. Moreover, shareholders exercise their voting right to influence major decisions of the business. Whenever, management plans to change certain aspect of business, shareholders use their voting right in that case also to approve that change.

Change of Object of the company is done starting with a Board Meeting to get the approval of all members for the change of clause. The main reason for this meeting is to get the approval of the Board Members and also get approval from Shareholders as well. There are few rules to call for the Board Meeting such as giving 7 days prior notice to all Board Members before the Meeting. Only the Board can decide on agreeing or disagreeing to the new change of clause. The Board will also set the EGM agenda and fix venue and time for the EGM.

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There may be a change in the object clause in many situations like:

  • Starting a new line of business

  • Discontinuing a business segment

  • Enhancement in the scope of services

Process of changing the Object

  • 1

    Meeting of Board of Directors

    In meeting of Directors, a Resolution is passed for the amendment in the Object clause of the MOA. Date for shareholders meeting is also fixed in the same meeting.

  • 2

    Convening General Meeting

    A General Meeting of shareholders is called for passing a Special Resolution. In this meeting, Shareholders exercise their voting right to approve the proposal of amendment in business activities.

  • 3

    Revising MOA

    After getting consent of shareholders, relevant clause of MOA is amended to reflect changes in business operations of the entity.

  • 4

    Getting approval from ROC

    After shareholders approval, a copy of Special Resolution along other documents is submitted to Registrar to register the amendment in object clause.

  • 5

    Filing MGT-14 to MCA

    Finally, e-form MGT-14 is filed to approve the changes in MOA. The amendment request must be filed within 30 days of passing of special resolution. This approval document needs to be sent to Registrar upon issuance.

Documents required for change in the Object:

  • CTC of Board Resolution
  • CTC of Special Resolution passed at the Board Meeting
  • Amended Memorandum of Association
  • How ComplyKart Helps in the Entire Process

    Preparation of Documents

    We help you to Pass resolution and prepare the necessary documents which are required to be filed with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

    Amendment in Memorandum of Association

    ComplyKart helps in amending the Object clause of MOA in a way that authorities easily approve

    Registration from ROC

    We file the Form with Registrar and submits required document for approval along with attachments fort its approval

    Filing MGT-14

    We file e-form MGT-14 as required to be filed within 30 days of the passing of Resolution

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