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Home Loan is the money that is advanced to the borrower for buying the home, apartment or flat fora living. Lender provides this loan with the interest on the lending amount. Bank demands its money back after a long period, 30 years. The borrower has to repay the amount of loan every month with the interested amount and this amount is completed by the time. People who can’t get the enough money to buy their own home or they were living in the rented houses, theycontact the banks for getting the finance for building their own home. As getting the home loan is long term procedure so borrower has to pay the low rate of interest over the loan. Home loan borrower enjoys the less tax facility because they don’t have to pay more tax like other borrowers.

Down payment is required by the lender at the time of borrowing. The loan is fixed with the interest rate this interest rate remains same throughout the life of loan. It could be changed if the bank changes its policies for interest. A borrower has to send his income statement every year to the lender more he has to inform the lender if he changes the job. Because bank wants to know the source from where people repay the amount of loan. If borrower changes his premises or do some changing in property he must inform the bank about this.



Possession of Home

This loan has helped the middle class for arranging the money. People who wish to buy their own homes can easily get through this loan.

Tax Reduction

People who take the home loan have to pay less tax. Governments provide such facility to people.

No High Rents

When people get this loan opportunity they don’t have to worry about rents anymore as the EMIs are very much similar to the rent sometimes.

Long time period

The tenure of this loan is highupto 20 years, so you can easily repay the amount with your comfort without hassle.



Signed application form


Identity Proof of Appliacnt


Residence Proofof Appliacnt


Salary Certificates of 6 months for salaried person


Latest Bank Statements of 6 months for Self-Employed person


Latest Form 16 for Salaried individuals


Last 3 year ITR with CA certified Balance Sheet for Self-Employed persons


Employment certificateSalaried Persons


Legal documents pertaining to business/profession e.g. MOA/ Partnership Deed etc.

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  • Recommended for
  • Venture Capital Funding
  • Limited Liability Protection
  • Dividend Tax
  • Deposits from public
  • Share Listing in Stock Exchange
  • Credibility

Public Limited


  • Growth Stage and also for early stage with broad business vision
  • 10/10

Private Limited


  • Early-stage entrepreneurs with broad business vision
  • 7/10

Limited Liability Partnership


  • Professional service firms
  • 5/10

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Get free consultation on GST Registration and Returns from a ComplyKart Professional.

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