Copyright Registration ensure protection of your creativity and confers the owner an exclusive right to use and grant others to use it.

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What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright is an exclusive right given by the law to an individual on his original creative works in the fields of music, literature, art, software, photography and more. The Copyright Act, 1957 covers the necessary provisions that safeguard the original creative works registered under it and encompasses most creative areas like poetry, film, music, novels, scientific literature and so on.

Copyright is an intangible asset that can be sold or commercially contracted. The author or creator of the work is the owner of the copyright. However, in cases where an employee has created the work in the course and scope of employment, the employer becomes the owner of the copyright.

A copyrighted work cannot be copied via physical or electronic means, and in general, cannot be reproduced in any form, without the consent of its owner. Any breach by any individual or group of individuals gives the copyright owner a right to take legal action against the said party. In addition to the right to exclusivity of material, copyright constitutes other economic rights like the right to adaptation, reproduction, communication, publication, translation etc., and moral rights such as a right of paternity (ownership) and right of integrity. Copyright is valid throughout the lifetime of its creator and an additional 60 years.


Lawful Protection

Action can be taken against any person or body that has attempted to reproduce your work as their own. It is like saving your creative property from theft.

Accepted Globally

Indian Copyright is accepted almost everywhere around the world and similarly most foreign copyrights are recognized in India.

Asset Creation

Registered copyright is an immovable property i.e. can be sold, franchised or commercially contracted.


A copyrighted work is more likely to generate goodwill in the market if it is intended to generate revenue or royalty.


Registered works are enlisted on several databases and hence, are searchable on various platforms. It is not the same as advertising but is better than remaining incognito.

Registration Procedure

  • 1

    Submit Documents

    Submit the detailsof work that you want to Copyright in three copies along with the authorization letter.

  • 2

    Application Drafting and Filing

    Our experts will draft your copyright application and file it with the Registrar of Copyrights online.

  • 3

    Copyright Verification

    The application for Copyright registration is examined and verified if required, you need to submit clarification.

  • 4


    The complete processing of the application will take between 10-12 months and the copyright registration will be finalized thereafter.

Documents/ Details Required

  • Personal Details
  • Documentary Proofs
  • Nature of Work
  • How Complykart helps in this Entire Process


    Our Copyright experts will provide you best consultancy on Registration procedure.

    Help in preparing Relevant Documents

    We help our clients in preparation of application and necessary documents to be presented to Registrar for Registration.

    Filing of Document with Registrar

    We will fill the Application along with necessary documents required for E-filing within 5-8 days.


    Our experts continuously follow up with the development with the Registrar and ensure speedy registration process.

    Frequently asked Questions

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