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The branch offices are the special offices of the company, which are based in different locations to carry out the company’s activities in that area. The branch office can execute many activities including the expansion of business. The ways of branch office establishment can be different as it depends on the business objective and the mission for which the foreign company is coming to India. India being a country with a high population and the huge potential of the business is a favorite destination for many foreign companies.

If the intention is the study of the Indian market and business then, it would be better for you to set up a liaison or representative office of the foreign company. Meanwhile, if you are planning to take orders but, the item or products will be delivered from the main office then, a branch office of the foreign company would be best. However, the tax on the profit of foreign companies is 40% in comparison to the Indian companies, where it is 30% only.

If you are planning for a branch office of your company in India then, you should get yourself acquainted with the complete process. You can establish a Branch office in India by obtaining a prior approval of RBI or Reserve Bank of India. A branch can be established for various purposes, and there are some terms and conditions to be followed for starting a branch office in India.

Requirements for establishing a branch office in India:


  •  Minimum two Directors.
    As per Companies Act, 2013 there must be at least 2 Directors in a Private Limited company therefore the 1 st concern is to have 2 Directors in the Subsidiary Company

  •  Net Worth:
    The net worth of the company should not be less than USD 100,000 or its equivalent.

  • Similar Name:
    The name of the company in India should be the same as the foreign parent company.

  • Expenses:
    All the expenses of Branch Office are met by the parent Company or by the income accrued from India.

Advantages of Having a Branch Office:


For most business owners and directors, Branch Office can be an easy transition for managing cash flow.


From the customer point of view, it is good to have a branch office of a company so that they can communicate with the Company representative.


It also helps the brand to acquire trust.


Rendering a personal touch is another benefit of setting a branch office in India.

Process to Incorporate a Branch Office in India

  • 1

    An attestation of documents:

    From the certificate of incorporation, board resolutions, moa to articles of the foreign company, the documents with the authorized signatory of the foreign company are required to be filed with RBI.

  • 2

    Application with RBI through AD Bank:

    The application for setting the branch office of a foreign company in India is required to be filled in FNC to the RBI through AD Bank. Authorized Banks play a vital role in the process, as all the communication to the RBI has to be routed through them.

  • 3

    KYC Verification:

    After you are done with FNC form with the AD Bank, you need to put a request for the verification of the documents. This request is made to the banker of the foreign company. It is also known as swift based verification. When AD bank receives the verified documents then, they submit it to the RBI for the respective approval.

  • 4

    Approval for Branch Office Registration in India by RBI:

    RBI ensures a 100% FDI before giving the approval and in some cases RBI consults with the relevant ministry of the central government. When RBI grants the permission then, a unique number known as UIN is allotted to the owner of the company.

  • 5

    Registration of Foreign Company Branch with the ROC:

    The registration of the branch office of the foreign company is to be filed within 30 days of the approval of the RBI. If the foreign company's director is Indian then, a DIN number of the director is needed, and the authorized signatory is asked to e- file statutory forms with the ROC for further permission.

  • 6

    PAN Card & Bank A/c Opening:

    10 digits Income Tax alphanumeric number (permanent account number or PAN), given by the Income Tax department is required as well as, a Tax Deduction Account Number is also needed. The bank account should be opened up after the allotment of PAN number.

Documents required

  • Three copies of FNC 1
  • A letter from the Principal Officer of the Parent Company
  • A letter which should be in favor of a local representative from the parent company
  • 2 copies of the English version of the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association of the parent company duly attested by the Indian embassy or Notary Public in the Country of registration
  • An audited Balance Sheet and Accounts of the parent company properly translated and notarized and it should be the latest one
  • Name, Address, email ID and telephone number of the Indian applicant in the home Country
  • Along with the bank account number, details of the accountants are also needed
  • Every single detail about the branch office in India including local office, the number of persons likely to be employed, and the number of Foreigners and address of the head of the Local office, should be provided
  • A certified list of directors from the bankers in Home Country as well as, the address proof of all the Directors duly authenticated by the Banker
  • Details of Activity carried out in Home Country by the applicant organization in brief about the product and services of company in Brief
  • Structure of the Organization and its Shareholding pattern
  • KYC of Shareholders holding more than 10% Equity in the Applicant Company
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