Employee Appointment Letter



[Candidate First and Last Name]

[Candidate Address]

[City, State, Zip]


Dear [Candidate Name],

The [Company Name] is happy to extend to you the job as [Job Title] with a start date of [start date], contingent upon [background check, I-9 form, etc.]. You will be reporting directly to [Manager/Supervisor name] at [workplace location]. We believe your skills and experience are an excellent match for our company.

In this role, you will be required to [briefly mention relevant job duties and responsibilities].

The annual starting salary for this position is [Rupee ____________] to be paid on a [monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, etc.] basis by [direct deposit, check, etc.], starting on [first pay period].

In addition to this starting salary, you are eligible to receive [Salary, bonuses, Commision structures, etc].

Your employment with [company name] will be on an at-will basis, which means you and the company are free to terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason. This letter is not a contract or guarantee of employment for a definite amount of time.

As an employee of [company name], you are also eligible for our benefits program, which includes [medical insurance, 401(k), vacation time, etc.], and other benefits which will be described in more detail in the [employee handbook].

Please confirm your acceptance of this offer by signing and returning this letter by [offer expiration date].

We are excited to have you join our team! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time.





[Your Printed Name]

[Your Job Title]


Signature: [______________________________]

Printed Name: [___________________________]

Date: [__________________________________]

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