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Package inclusion :

  1. Board Meeting Notice & Minutes
  2. General Meeting Notice & Minutes
  3. Form AOC-4 & MGT-7 filing
  4. Directors’ Report Preparation

₹ Get updated with the complete Annual Filing of your private Limited Company with ComplyKart Experts:

  • Complete solution for starting a Nidhi Company, including incorporation of limited company, issue of shares and obtaining Nidhi status.



Every Company in India must be complied with annual filing requirements as mandated under the Companies Laws in India. Annual compliance means sets of rules or laws that are mandatory for every company in filing forms and reporting of activities that took place throughout the year or within the year. Annual compliance for a Company is the filing that must be done or a Report to be done each year in other to verify the company’s potentials.

Annual Compliance is the necessary task for business. Running the business is not an easy task in the present scenario. The business owners need to follow a certain procedure to increase the growth of the business. Annual Compliance is necessary required for running the Private Limited Company without any hassle.

ComplyKart is the Industry Leader & most trusted company with a proven track record and customer satisfaction for financials & compliances. We have team of expert professionals and attorneys having years of excellence which makes their work more accurate.

Annual Compliance for private Companies

Annual General Meeting

There should be one Annual General Meeting held each year. AGM should be convened within 6 month of closure of financial year, however in the 1st year of its operation the AGM can be held within 9 months from the closure of Financial Year.

The meetings of the Board of Directors

There should be at least 4 Board meetings held in a financial year. It is expected that there shouldn't be a gap of more than 120 days between every two meetings.

Filing of Form AOC-4

For Companies, it is very much required to file the financial for every financial year in Form AOC-4 along with mandatory attachments like Audit report, Directors’ Report etc.

Filing of Form MGT-7

MGT-7 is the Annual Return of the company which is required to be filed within 60 days of every AGM held in Company. List of Shareholders is required to be attached with MGT-7.

Documents required for Annual Compliance

Various type :-

  • An Audited Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Accounts
  • Directors Report of the producing Company
  • List of Shareholders as on year end
  • Form AOC-4 & MGT-7

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A Shareholders Agreement (SHA) is vital for the long-term growth of company because it not only contains the relation between shareholders but also the necessary obligations. In general, having a Shareholders Agreement seem not necessary but once difference of

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