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  1. Expert Advisory

  2. Application Preparation

  3. Form Filing

  4. ESI Number issued

₹ ESI is mandatory for entities having 20 or more employees. Register your Establishment with ESI with ComplyKart professionals Hassle-Free.

  • Complete solution for starting a Nidhi Company, including incorporation of limited company, issue of shares and obtaining Nidhi status.


ESI Registration

Employees' State Insurance or ESI is a comprehensive Social Security and Health Insurance Scheme for Indian employees. This scheme is administered by Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) and regulations stipulated in the ESI Act, 1948 under the aegis of Ministry of Labour and Employment. Under the ESI Scheme the Employees are provided with variety of monetary or medical benefits. ESI Department looks over the benefits provided to employees and their family through its branches dispensaries and hospitals.

At present, covered employees contribute 0.75% of their monthly wages and their employers contribute 3.25% of the monthly wages to the ESIC, totalling upto 6.5% of the monthly wages payable to the employees. The contribution amount is required to be deposited to the ESIC on or before 21 of the next month in which ESI was deducted. Employees having maximum salary upto 21,000 are mandatorily required to be insured under ESI Scheme.

This scheme is applicable to all Establishments employing 10 or more persons this covers contractual and seasonal employees. ESI Scheme provides benefits like medical, cash, maternity, disability benefits to the insured employee and its dependant. It provides full compensation for the loos of wages of an employee during the time of sickness or maternity or injury at employment. ESI enables the female employees to get paid leaves at the time of maternity. The scheme is also extended to the family members of insured employee.

ComplyKart is known as best Labour laws consultants and have expertise in ESI Registration across India. Once we get the required documents, our experts file the application on time and get the ESI Registration at the earliest time as possible.


Relaxation for Employer

ESI registration relaxes the employer as they are not required to spend extra for medical urgency of employees and their family or maternity benefits to female employees.

Best Medical Care

At the time of sickness or any disability, insured employees best medical treatment at the state owned ESI hospitals. Permanently disabled and Retired insured employees and their spouses are given the medical care on payment of Rs. 120/- annually.

Sickness Benefits

In case of certified illness, 70% salary is provided as sickness benefits which can last for upto 91 days in a year. In case of long-term decease, the sickness benefit can be claimed upto years.

Maternity Leave

The female employees are given maternity leave for a period of 3 months and can be extended for further 1 month on the basis of medical advice.

Dependant Benefits

In case of Death or permanent disability, the dependants of insured employee get the 90% of salary every month as certified by medical board or after the death of employee as the case may be.

Unemployment Allowance

The employees who are insured for 3 years or more and later became unemployed are given unemployment allowance under Rajiv Gandhi Sharmik Yojana as 50% of salary for 1 year and other benefits like kill upgradation etc.


  • 1

    Our Labour laws consultants will provide you the best advisory on ESI Registration process and other compliance

  • 2

    Our Experts shall prepare the ESI Application and necessary documents for obtaining ESI registration to make sure hassle free ESI Registration.

  • 3

    Upon preparation the application it is submitted and the same is processed by the ESI Department and may require more information.

  • 4

    Our Experts will help you to solve the queries raised by corporation and make sure you get the 17 digit ESI registration Number hassle free.

Documents Required

Documents are

  • Incorporation Certificate of Company /business/ of the Entity.
  • MOA and AOA of the Company
  • Address Proof, PAN Card, Cancelled Cheque of Establishment
  • Necessary details of employee like salary, attendance register
  • Details of Directors and Shareholders of company
  • Aadhar Card, Date of Joining and other KYC documents of Employee.

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  • Growth Stage and also for early stage with broad business vision
  • 10/10

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  • 7/10

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  • Professional service firms
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